Top 10 Best Places To Visit This Winter

Although fall has just begun, it’s the best time to start making travel plans for this year’s winter season. Most travel-enthusiasts enjoy vacationing during the spring and summer seasons, but a trip during the winter season can be one of the best experiences. Whether you’re planning for a family or a couple we’ve gathered information on the top 10 best places to visit during the winter.

New York

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Two of the hottest spots to visit while in New York are obviously the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Although those two sites are well worth the trip to see, there are plenty of other activities you can enjoy while visiting “The Big Apple,” especially during the winter. On winter’s eve there is a neighborhood festival at Lincoln Square where they offer tastings from local restaurants, free music, and switch on a 25-foot-tall balsam fir. An activity for the girls to enjoy is semiannual Barney’s Warehouse Sale where you can get designer threads for 50 to 75% off.


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Chicago is another wonderful city to visit at anytime of the year, but the winter season is particularly special because of the activities offered. The Lincoln Park Zoo has its on going Zoo Lights Festival, which is one you don’t want to miss if you’re in town for the holidays. Visiting the Bean in Millennium Park is something most tourists desire to do while in the city, but at this time of year ice skating is also offered within the park.

Costa Rica

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Although it is winter in the United States and the cold weather has settled in for the next few months, this time of year is Costa Rica’s “Green Season.” Costa Rica visiting veterans are well aware of the advantages this time of the year offers vacationers, but for those of you who don’t know this is the best time of year to visit because prices are better, crowds are gone, and sunny days on the beach are the norm.

New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the best places to visit during December-February months because that is its warmest time of year.  There are plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting: rafting, kayaking, and diving in the beautiful waters.

The Philippines

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The Philippines made our list of best places to visit during winter, because there is no winter. This is the perfect place to visit during the cold months at home. You can happily leave your coat behind and enjoy sunbathing, sandy beaches, and relaxing in the water instead of enduring the cold weather.

Take a Cruise

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Cruises are offered at anytime throughout the year and are most popular during the winter season. If you are the kind of vacationer that wants to meet people while traveling this is the type of trip for you during the winter season. There are many options that cruises offer some being specifically designed for families like the Disney Cruise Line, and others being able to meet the needs of any person traveling.


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The wonderful thing about Australia’s winter season is that it offers activities that take place during the winter like skiing and snowboarding, as well as those that you take part in during the warmer seasons like snorkeling. Visit Australia during her winter season, which takes place from June to August, and you’ll be sure to see that your time is well spent.


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Canada’s winter season is one of the best times to visit the country because it offers once in a lifetime opportunities. If you’re planning a ‘boys trip’ Canada is the perfect place to visit. You can enjoy anything from the skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing opportunities to the storm watching, dog-sledding, or polar bear watching experiences.  There are also activities for couples or families to enjoy like ice-skating, snowmobiling, and sleigh rides through the Canadian Rockies.


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Although this is not the most popular time to visit France it’s a good time of year for beginning skiers to visit. Portes du Soleil is one of France’s famous ski resorts that offer easier slopes and wonderful instructors for the family to enjoy during a holiday vacation.


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This hot spot made the list because it’s one of the most revered vacation areas at anytime of year. Some people dream about staying away from cold weather and those people would find Hawaii the perfect getaway. The islands generally have a friendly atmosphere about them and make it easy for any vacationer to feel relaxed the moment they are on the island. If the winter season is one you particularly feel stressed during, than Hawaii is the perfect place for you to go.

The top 10 best places to visit during the winter offer a variety of beautiful places with various activities to entertain travelers around the world.


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